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SEO Marketing Services for Small Business

If you operate a small business you’ve probably tried to search for yourself on Google. What did you find? Was it what you were hoping for? Do you know exactly how much website traffic you’re getting from search engines? If not, this is where professional SEO services can help.


A common misconception is that Google should already know how to position your small business in their search results. The fact is, without the appropriate signals this simply won’t happen. SEO requires a continuous implementation strategy if you want to acquire and maintain search engine traffic. Search engines like Google are looking at over 200 variables in order to determine what web pages should show up for different searches. If you’re not creating these signals, there’s little chance you can compete.

Our Professional SEO Services Include

Small Business Marketing Research


Before we start any campaign, we get to know your small business and the audience you want to target. This way we customize our approach to match your business needs.

Content Marketing for Small Businesses

Content Marketing

Search engines reward sites that provide content that their searchers find valuable. Our writers and designers will work together to create content pieces that will provide the information your target audience is looking for.

Small Business Online Promotion


We’ll help create the signals that search engines use to weigh the popularity of a website and its content. Our team will promote your content in the appropriate channels across the web, leading to more exposure and search visibility.

Small Business Website Analysis


Each and every month we’re analyzing the effectiveness of your campaign. This includes reviewing rankings, traffic and conversions. Allowing us to make adjustments to meet your goals.

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As a small business owner, I knew I needed to get my website to show up in Google but I didn’t have the time and resources to figure it all out. A colleague recommended trying Clear Sky SEO because it was the most cost effective solution they’ve experienced. I couldn’t agree more. I even had room in my budget to have them manage my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I have more customers than ever tell me they found me online.
Alison T.Business OwnerSan Diego, CA

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